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Your Christmas Table

If you're a planner, like me, you've probably already started thinking about how you might dress your table for the day. There's nothing I enjoy more than having the family over for a big dinner, that lasts all afternoon! This year might feel a little different, but we can still go all out on our designs.

I've designed a number of floral arrangements perfect for the season, as well as other styling ideas for your Christmas table this year.

Your Table

When I discuss wedding reception florals with couples, I always ask what shape and size the tables will be. If they are round, they lend themselves to particular arrangements, and likewise, if they are rectangular, other designs would possibly fit better. My table is rectangular so I have planned a garland for this year. If you have a round table, you might prefer vase arrangements.


The bouquet collection on The Blossom Parlour's web shop are perfect for vase arrangements. I can even provide a gorgeous vase for you, if you happen to need one. Are you traditional, and enjoy using the reds, golds and greens? Or do you like to go a little left field with more textured arrangements? There's hopefully something that will hit the mark for you, otherwise you are very welcome to email your bespoke flower requests over and I can create something that would be perfect for the day!

Alternatively, with a round table, you might prefer one of the table centre wreaths, complete with a candle. This can be created a variety of colours to suit your table decor.


If you have a longer table, a garland would fit perfectly! They can be made to a size that would suit your table, in a variety of designs. Using plenty of foliage, the garland will look and smell gorgeous!

If you prefer something a little lighter and thinner running through the centre, a loose garland of ruscus and eucalyptus is perfect. Lay out each of the stems along the centre of your table, gently overlapping to give a slightly less formal feel to your tablescape.

Table Place Settings

This year, I've located some super cute little tiny jars that have a mini Christmas tree in, I love them! Adding little touches to your table really makes the experience feel a little more special to those who are joining you. A single stem of foliage or flower to your napkins, plate setting or favour is a simple addition that you can make. Here's a few ideas that could work for you.

Candles or Fairy Lights

Lighting your table is a great way to enhance the mood. You can easily do this with candles or fairy lights. The soft lighting brings a cozy feel to the dark evenings that draw in so early in winter. You can pick up battery operated copper wire led lights that can weave into your garlands without showing the mechanics too much, or opt for tall, elegant candles in complimenting colours to your table flowers and linen. Church candles are great too, in or out of hurricane vases. Mix it up, see what you prefer. Personally, I like to have all of it!

So, what do you think? How will you decorate your table this year? I'd love to see!

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