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Wedding Florals: Seasonality

As a floral designer, my first port of call will always be your wedding date. Why? So I can show you the beautiful range of seasonal flowers that could adorn your day. But why is staying seasonal so important? I'm so glad you asked...

Seasonal flowers capture the time of year you marry in:

Your wedding images will show all the fine details of your day. The florals used will be able to show the time of year. Arrangements crammed full of lilacs, ranunculus and tulips will say spring, whilst oodles of roses and dahlias will denote summer. The last hurrah of autumn will be represented by berries and changing foliage, whilst winter will be all about textures.

Seasonal flowers are at their best when you marry:

Using flowers that are in season, will mean they are used to the climate they are being used in. The caveat to this is that we are seeing signs of global warming, so extreme temperatures both hot and cold, are things to keep in mind. But on the whole, roses with woodier stems will retain moisture more and do better in warmer, summer days. Ranunculus and their soft green stems will do better in the cooler spring days. Textured foliage will withstand the winter cold, and not drop their leaves. Berries are ripe in autumn and are available in abundance. Just because a wholesaler is able to provide a type of flower all year round doesn't mean the flower will be looking its best, or survive the weather of that season.

Seasonality of British Grown:

The incredible skills of British flower farmers will blow you away. If your florist has good connections with local farms, they will provide the most elite flowers you have ever seen! The varieties are often too delicate to travel via wholesale, so this automatically gives your floral design (for want of a better term) an edge. It will be unique to you, as those flowers will have bloomed for that exact moment in time. Using locally grown flowers really is the epitome of seasonal, and the most environmentally kind way of pulling your floral design together.

The magic of Mother Nature and the changing seasons should be something that is embraced and not fought against! What a beautiful reminder you will have every year of one of the most special days you and your partner shared together, as the tulips push through the ground after a long cold winter, or as the roses begin to bloom in the garden on a warm summers day, or as the leaves begin to fall and berries are ripening. Keep it seasonal when you plan your wedding day.

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