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The Moon and Christmas

This year's wreath and bouquet collection have been named after moons within our solar system. I've blamed our moon for many reasons this year, and when the suggestion came up as a name for this year's collection, it felt very apt!

It's been a funny old year, and I cant quite believe we're making our plans for Christmas as 2021 draws to a close. I hope that whatever you have planned, it's a time where you're able to rest and enjoy, amongst the madness.

The wreath collection this year have accompanying textured bouquets to match. The filled with beautiful eucalyptus and the colour is brought about with the berries and eryngium. As a person with magpie tendencies and one to never shy away from glitter, there are a couple of stems of gold Ruscus in the mix too. It's not Christmas without a bit of sparkle!

Delivery of wreaths begin December 1st, and the bouquets can be delivered from the same date too. However, feel free to specify a deliver date closer to Christmas if you prefer, and that will be noted. The Blossom Parlour closes for Christmas on 23rd December this year.

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