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The Maddest Wedding Season...

Well, hello there! It's been a while - I mean, I'm terrible at this kind of thing anyways, but throw in a gazillion weddings, and there's even less of a chance that I'd stop by to fill you in! But here I am, with a more detailed run down of whats been happening since restrictions for weddings were *finally* lifted back in July.

Myself and Zoe from Flourish and Grace have been working closely with Brympton Styling at Brympton House to deliver the best weddings in the most beautiful of spaces. It's been difficult trying to play catch up from all the havoc that Covid has caused, and we're essentially fitting in two weddings seasons into a 6 month period. We are also balancing our own diary of weddings as The Blossom Parlour and Flourish and Grace, and finally getting all our couples down the aisle after all the rescheduling.

This means that we're really stretched, time wise, as are the entire industry. So, just to reassure everyone - I am on it. It's busy, but I am here and I can see my inbox stacking up! I am slotting in admin days where I can and replying when I am able to. This can be almost a week (sometimes longer!) after your email has dropped into the box, but by all means, resend and pop it back to the top of the list so I definitely don't miss it. You can follow my day-to-day flower fun on Instagram which I update as I go along, so you can see whats happening. It's easier to upload a couple of quick snaps, compared to a detailed email, so please don't feel as though I am ignoring you. I love all my couples very much! This also means I wont be able to deliver gift bouquets, which is why the webshop is closed. I've added a little info at the top of the shop page so that clients can see.

On top of a manic wedding season, I am still a mum, I still have a chronic illness, and I'm still trying to have some sort of day off every now and then to rest. I really appreciate everyone's lovely motivational messages, kind reviews and photographs after their wedding, and flexibility with my responses.

I'm so happy to be back working with gorgeous flowers, an incredible team and wonderful couples. It's almost been a baptism of fire but two months on, I'm still here and still feeling super lucky that I get to call this my job.

Photo credits:

Left: Emma Barrow Photography

Middle: The Blossom Parlour

Top of Blog & Above Right: Please email for credit.

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