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Heather and Adam – November 2018

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Heather and Adam on their wedding flowers. I’ve known them both individually for years, having been connected by siblings and mutual friends. So when this happens, it personally adds another level to the project.

Heather came to see me back in 2017 and talked me through her ideas for the day at Elmore Court, Gloucester. She had the colour palette of ‘wine’ (I operate in beverages and food, so this was most helpful!) and spoke about having lots of pine cones (which soon was referred to as an ‘Eff-ton’ of pine cones!!) and berries within the arrangements. Being seasonal makes the project so much easier, as not only does it help keep costs down, but you know that generally, the flowers you discuss will be available. In the days leading up to the wedding, we exchanged plenty of emails, caught up at a variety of coffee shops (including Spicer and Cole where I choked on my food and looked like a right plonker); we sent more emails, ate even more cake and had even more chats. Soon enough, we had a logistics and floral plan in place. When you book with The Blossom Parlour, we keep in touch in a way that helps ease the stress of the planning period – sometimes that’s emails, sometimes that’s face to face. Whatever works for you, works for us. If it’s face to face, tea and cake are quite essential.

Setting up with Mini Blossom G, we smashed it out and were ready to leave in plenty of time. It was lovely to catch Adam before we left, right after personally delivering the bouquets and hair piece to Heather and her girls. The day was beautifully bright and sunny, the tables looked gorgeous in the Gillyflower and were ready to welcome guests, and the ceremony room was glowing as the sun cascaded through the enormous windows.

If there’s anything that can set me off at the drop of a hat, it’s a wedding. I’m the one sobbing quietly in the corner as the ceremony music starts up, and as I looked through the professional photos that Heather and Adam have kindly sent over, I revert back to that emotional mess! The day was beautifully planned by the couple and it was so great to see the flora compliment their style, theme and colour palette. Evoke Photography captured everything perfectly and I would highly recommend her. I’ve chosen a couple (ok, 13…) of my favourites, and thank the couple for allowing me to share them. I still cant believe that I get to do this as my job.

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