Table Centre

Table Centre

SKU: 364215376135199

This beautiful table centre can be purchased in red, blue, white, lilac or pink. It is 10" in size, moss based and comes with a hurricane vases with a church candle, ready to adorn your Christmas table. Due to the flowers used, and the temperature of most households, it is recommended that this is accepted for delivery around 23rd December, if you'd like it looking in top condition for the big day. Keeping it damp with ensure it lasts well. 


    If there is any problem with your item, please email within 24hrs of receiving it, with a photo of the issue if you can. Someone will be in touch to see how the issue can be recified. 


    This item is available locally and nationwide. Please be mindful of shipping times during this busy period. On arrival, give your table arrangement a good spritz to ensure it continues to flower nicely! 


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