Mother’s Day Mayhem

Well…. We’ve just about recovered from the madness that was Mother’s Day weekend. I say we, because the Blossom Parlour is a family affair. It’s run by me, Amy, but the support team around me are awesome. From my kids desperately wanting to assist making bouquets, to my boyfriend helping with deliveries, my step dad not being OCD in the kitchen, and his wonderful fiance assisting me with putting bouquets together, it really is bigger than just me.

Mother’s Day weekend was no different.

I had a wedding on the Saturday, as well as a pop up shop where half the 64 orders were flying out from. That meant that on Friday, I created 32 mother’s day bouquets, 6 wedding bouquet,5 buttonholes, and 8 other floral arrangements of sorts. As well as making it for the school run at 3pm. To say that day was busy is an understatement.

But fast forward to Sunday, where my wonderful boy and I went delivering to the mums of Weston – flip me. That’s why I love this job. The day I have to employ someone to deliver on my behalf will be a sad one. Because the looks and emotions from the recipients just make everything (yes, here’s the cliche…) absolutely worth while. When I stood at the door of one mother, who’s son had recently emigrated to be with his wife, I watched her become completely overwhelmed with happiness, surprise, shock and joy, and I genuinely thought I was going to lose it too!

(Well, I did lose it over the weekend. I had flowers delivered to me and after grinning like a Cheshire cat, I then burst into quiet sobs whilst carrying them to my room. I fully blame the lack of sleep…)

So here is a collection of my favourites from the weekend. I cant thank you enough for making it the busiest day of the year. It was a complete and utter privilege to assist you all with celebrating such a wonderful day.

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